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Colorado Wild Boar Hunts

Affordable, Guaranteed Wild Hog Hunting Outfitters in Colorado

On your hunt you’ll see plenty of feral hogs in a variety of sizes.  We offer two types of hog hunts. For the hunter looking to mainly fill the freezer we have the meat hog hunts.  As for the hunter looking for meat and a trophy we have our guaranteed Hogzilla Boar hunts.

Hog Meat Hunts in Western Colorado

Hunting Outfitters with Affordable Prices and Hunting Packages for Meat Hog Hunts

​Meat hog hunts are an excellent option for the hunter looking to fill their freezers have some fun hunting along the way.  The meat hogs typically weigh in between 300 to 450+ pounds.  These hogs all produce an excellent quality of meat with plenty of quality pork chops, bacon, roast, hams and sausage.

All-Inclusive Meat Hog Hunting Package


Two Hogs for $1,250

Meat Hog Guided Day Hunts near Grand Junction, Glenwood Springs and Montrose

No meals or lodging included


2 hogs for $1,100

Guaranteed Hogzilla Hunting Trips

Hogzilla Boar Hunts in Western Colorado

Hogzilla boar hunts are for the biggest hogs around.  The monster hogs weigh in from 500 pounds to some of them weighing well over 700 pounds.  Its also very possible to take a hog on this hunt that will be over 700+ pounds.  These big boars all have massive heads, some of them having tusks and big thick grissle plates on all of them making them a true challenge to take with a rifle or bow.  When booking this hunt you are guaranteed to kill a trophy hogzilla boar

All-Inclusive Hogzilla Hunting Package


2 hogs for $1,850

Hog Hunting Outfitters

Types of ways we hunt wild boar

Spot and Stalk Hog Hunts

While hunting spot n stalk we move throughout the numerous open game trails.  We also slowly hunt through swampy areas and creek bottoms and bedding areas where the brush isn’t too thick.

Hog Drives​

​One of the most productive methods on the hog hunts is using drives.  During the drives we place hunters throughout the area we are going to drive. Hunters are placed along trails, crossings and for the hunter looking for a longer shot opportunity we have blinds on open knobs overlooking hill sides and  open meadows.

Blind Hunt

​During the ealry mornings and especailly late evenings we set hunters in ground blinds, elevated box blinds and brush blinds.  These blinds are placed in areas where hogs come to water, out to feed or crossings that hogs typically use.  These blinds work great for archery hunters looking for a close shot as well as hunters looking for longer range rifle hunts.

Hunting with Hog Dogs

​Many of our hunters ask how we can guarantee our hunts and the answer is we have some of the best hog hunting hounds in the business. Once the hogs have moved to heavy brush making them nearly impossible to find we turn our hounds out.  While hunting with the hounds we move around in four wheel drive vehicles following the sound of howling hounds.  Our dogs will begin barking when they have the hogs bayed.  Once they are bayed we will get as close as possible with four wheel drives then move in on foot to try to get a shot at one of the hogs. This not only helps insure 100% success but it also able us to accommodate any hunters physical abilities and needs.  In addition to finding the hogs our dogs will also track wounded hogs insuring 100% recovery of all of our clients hogs.

​Hog Hunting Season in Colorado

Year-round Hunting Prices and Packages

Hunts run throughout the year.  However, only a limited number of hunts are offered from December through March.  The majority of the hunting is from April 1 through December 1.  Hunting during these months increases odds of seeing larger number of animals, as well as better hog hunting weather as we are able to access the hunting areas easier. Hunts take place 7 days a week.

Included in Your All-Inclusive Wild Hog Hunt

The all-inclusive Colorado hog hunt includes 2 nights lodging, meals beginning on the night you arrive, non-alcoholic beverages and guide.  Your guide will also skin, cleaning, quarter and cool your hogs in a large walk in cooler free of charge.

Additional Details

  • TYPES OF HUNTS:Cancellation Hunts, Charity & Challenged Hunts, Cull/Meat Hunts, Driven Hunts, Free Range/Fair Chase Hunts, Over Dogs, Spot and Stalk Hunts, Thermal/Night Vision, Trophy Hunts, Veteran Hunts
  • HUNTING HARDWARE:Rifle, Muzzleload, Pistol, Archery/Bow
  • HUNTING LAND:High Fence, Private Lease
  • HUNTING ACCOMMODATIONS:Ranch House, Tent, Blind
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